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The "Damn Good Marketing" Podcast

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On our Damn Good Marketing Podcast, we’re talking marketing, social media and building a brand - with actionable tips, tricks and advice from the experts.

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner ready to leverage social media to increase brand awareness, advertise your business, and see success? Tune in to the Damn Good Marketing Podcast hosted by Shelby Clement, who has over 10 years of experience in social media marketing.


A word from your host

“Hi I’m Shelby! I’m just a small-town woman chasing a big dream. As a mama of two young littles and a wife of a very supportive husband, I’m here to help you understand the reality about social media when it comes to utilizing it for your business. We will discuss the hardships, truths, and what it takes for success. Join me weekly, as I chat with you as your best friend and interview experts. I am eager to have you but also not afraid to chat about the failures I’ve endured and the successes I’ve achieved.”



Listen in weekly to meet marketing experts, hear their stories and learn about everything we know to make your business the best it can be. 


Find "Damn Good Marketing" wherever you get your podcasts.

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Ready to get started?

Book a free discovery session!

We’ll start by doing a deep dive into your business to discuss your needs and goals, then we’ll develop a marketing plan that gets you where you want to be. 


Let’s take your brand to the next level and make it a positive experience along the way!

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